Hispeed Laser Welding


We are a professional provider of welding machines. Our products include Laser Cleaning Machines, Handheld Laser Welding Machines, Jewelry Laser Welding Machines, Galvo Laser Welding Machines, and other types of welding equipment. Additionally, we offer customized equipment services to meet your specific needs. Choose Hispeed Laser Welding, and you will receive the highest quality products and the most satisfactory service.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Price Quality Ratio

Enjoy unmatched products and services at fair prices. We promise superior value, with no compromise on quality or safety.

Complete services

We offer more than welding equipment. With years of experience in the laser industry, we provide a wide range of services.

Comprehensive Training

With your Hispeed Laser Welding equipment purchase, we offer thorough training for confident, productive welding.

Sustained Assistance

Our engineers are always ready for repairs and R&D, providing constant, reliable support.

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