QCW Galvo Laser Welding Machine



The QCW Galvo Laser Welding Machine can weld 2000 lugs (multiple points) per hour. Achieving welding speeds of 1-20 points per second significantly reduces the welding duration. This makes it an excellent choice for spot welding ultra-thin stainless steel circuit board inserts, such as those found in mobile phone shields, metal mobile phone cases, and metal capacitor shells. It is also particularly effective in welding cylindrical battery lugs, such as those in hard disks, micromotors, and sensors.

Options for this machine’s laser power include QCW-75 (Peak Power: 750 Watts) and QCW-150 (Peak Power: 1500 Watts).



Machine accessories


Technical Specifications

Laser Power Options QCW-75 (Peak Power: 750W) / QCW-150 (Peak Power: 1500W)
Laser Type
QCW Fiber Laser Source
Maximum Welding Thickness
Total Power Consumption
220V±10%, 50Hz, 30A
Pulse Width
Adjustable Spot Range
Positioning Method
Red Indicator
Control System
PLC or PC (CNC2000)
Working Area

Features of the QCW Galvo Laser Welding Machine

Galvanometric System


The machine, boasting a high-speed galvanometer, enhances efficiency with speeds up to 7000mm/s.

Field Lens


The Fθ field lens, compact and air-spaced, offers high throughput, durability, and minimal distortion.

Precision Welding


The system outputs various welding types consistently, creating smooth, aesthetically pleasing welds.

Control System


The machine includes a stable JCZ board card, EZCAD software, and a pre-configured computer.

Versatile Control System


The mobile control system allows marking at any position, equipped with a handy USB port.

Operation Software


The software is user-friendly and simplifies drawing waveforms and adjusting parameters.

Welding Effect Display

Spot Welding

Stainless Steel Penetration:0.6MM

Stitch Welding

Stainless Steel penetration:0.3MM

Compound Welding

Stainless Steel Penetration:0.8MM

Compound Welding

Aluminum / Copper Sheet Penetration:0.6MM

Product Applications

The QCW Galvo Laser Welding Machine is primarily used for rapid spot welding of various sheet metal materials, including but not limited to copper foil, stainless steel, and nickel plate. Its application extends to a wide range of industries where spot welding or sealing welding is required. These include the manufacturing of batteries, cell phone shields and housings, capacitor products, computer hard disks, micromotors, and sensors.

Depending on the specific welding requirements, the machine can leverage multi-channel output, time-sharing, or energy-sharing. It can also be seamlessly integrated with an assembly line to optimize welding efficiency.

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After-Sales Support for the QCW Galvo Laser Welding Machine

  • We guarantee the quality of each QCW Galvo Laser Welding Machine, as they undergo meticulous inspection by our dedicated quality control team before delivery. Our products are backed by a one-year warranty, excluding consumable parts.
  • We offer comprehensive training, encompassing the machine’s operating principles, system structure, safety precautions, maintenance protocols, software applications, and processing technology.
  • Our laser welding machine’s stable performance is a source of pride, supported by numerous customer testimonials attesting to its reliability and rare instances of malfunctions.

In the event of a malfunction, we are committed to delivering prompt and efficient support:

  • We ensure a swift response within 24 hours.
  • Our dedicated customer service team will assist you in diagnosing and identifying the issue.
  • In case the problem is due to software operation errors, we will help with online troubleshooting.
  • We provide extensive online support, which includes detailed technical and installation instructions delivered via email, video, or phone, inclusive of training through TeamViewer.

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